Ivan's Proof

Here is an overview of our services 

Learning together

With us you will be always in  focus. We make sure that you'll master each of your topics and that you'll speak the same Trading language with us

Everything in a nutshell

We from Invest-Trading will explain and point out everything in all Trainings, Videos, pictures, etc. so you won't loose any unnecessary time   

Tipps and Tricks

In your training you will learn several insider trips and tricks on how you can earn more money in the future while limiting your losses. At the same time you will get our best tools for successful trading. 

Our Top Secret Strategie

You will get a TOP-SECRET strategy in our professional training, with which we achieve large profits. This includes for example the perfect trading entry and the perfect trading exit. Every detail is defined, as well as the associated risk, trade & money management !.

Your questions have Priority 

If you have any questions during your education please sent us an E-Mail to this address: 


Successfully passed

As a trader you have to make an Examination. The Test will be based on the learning content. After passing the exam you will get the opportunity to join our successful trading team and you will be able to benefit together with us on the market.

0 % RISK with our 30 Days Cash back guarantee !!!

Take a look at Ivan's Results 

How our Trading Coach Ivan traded his small Account big. Here are some of his videos, watch them to find out how he made it to a professional Day Trader

We have to apologize that the Videos are only in German at the moment but Ivan will show you everything in English !   

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4